Dozens of water-colored Galilean landscapes, shining beneath a kind of delicate light, describe pieces of scenery as fleeting moments of magic, and tell the story of Kagan’s “here”. Here – Kibbutz Shamir, which served as a new beginning and allowed Kagan the freedom to be close to nature, and to paint. The transparency of the color and the white paper beneath it, create the “lyricism” of the painting.

The importance Kagan attributes to water as a subject, is equivalent to the perception of the “Tao”. Water, as a giver of life, is found in most of his watercolor paintings, at the center of his paintings. They are a source of spring, a source of life and rebirth. The method of painting allows Kagan to revive the light and air in his life and in the painting itself, and allows him to make direct contact with his surroundings.

All the drawings, paintings, and mosaics, can be purchased as signed museum scanographies.